Ultrasonic scare - against martens, mice and rats - Both for battery and 230V - Covers approx. 200 m2


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Ultrasonic scarer for both battery and 230 Volt

  • Against mice, rats and martens.
  • Range 200 m2 - 130DB - 3W
  • 3 x C batteries (excl.) With 5V adapter for socket, and USB cable for charging in PC. 
  • Adjustable frequency between 16.1-60KHZ and three range settings.
  • Do not place the scarecrow on carpets, or behind doors, curtains or other objects that may absorb the ultrasound.
  • Should be placed up against a wall or similar, preferably in a corner. 
  • Expect it to take up to 4-6 weeks before full effect is achieved. 
  • For maximum power, change approx. once a month frequency rhythm and interval on the buttons on the back of the scarecrow.