Flower column, flower stool made of mango wood - Dimensions 27x27 cm - height 50 or 73 cm

Voglrieder kreatives Wohnen

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The flower stool with a fantastic wooden structure suitable for all facilities due to manual work, each piece is unique.


  • Width 27 cm, height 50/73 cm, depth 27 cm
  • Solid mango wood, hollow inside and open at the bottom, handmade, with foot glides Stool, handmade, high quality, made of 100% natural mango wood and waxed
  • Square flower column for plants, lamps, with or without decoration

  • Side table made of solid mango wood with a beautiful grain for highlights in your home

The flower columns made of solid mango wood are high-quality furniture for your dining room, conservatory, entrance hall, children's room or living room. Its particularly beautiful wooden structure attracts attention and becomes an absolute highlight in any room.

Thanks to the high quality, this practical and easily movable side table will serve you well for many years. The unmistakable character of country house furniture makes this square plant a real eye-catcher in your premises.